Core Documents

  • This report is the main output of an independent consultation and assessment exercise carried out by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), to explore the rationale, strategy and structure of a proposal, originally from the World Bank, for a Global Forest Partnership (GFP). IIED’s work was supported by a grant from the World Bank.

  • Workplan for the year 2011 detailing:

    • GFP Internal tasks
    • Parnership development activities
    • GFP Outreach
  • This document compiles and summarises the main lessons learned during GFP‟s inception
    phase and first year and a half of implementation (mid 2009 – September 2010). The
    information comes from GFP Catalytic Group internal briefings and exchanges and various
    reports submitted to the World Bank1 between March 2009 and August 2010.

    This is a ever evolving working document; it has been drafted with inputs from the Catalytic
    Group members and in the future it will include those of GFP country partners.

  • Growing Forest Partnerships has now been operational as an initiative for 18 months now, having started its first discussions with partners in-country in February and March 2009. The initiative as a whole was started in order to catalyse and reinforce effective partnerships that deliver real results for forests and people: its stated vision is that it is “an initiative that helps create and strengthen ways of working together for the benefit of forests and the people that depend on them”.

  • GFP poster providing information on the structure and background to the initiative as well as some of the early GFP country activities.