The Growing Forest Partnerships initiative was active from 2008 to 2012, as such this site is no longer maintained and updated. It remains online to provide useful access to project resources and documents. The Forest and Farm Facility builds on the results of Growing Forest Partnerships and focuses on many of the same issues and countries.

Growing Forest Partnerships strives for a world where forests and the different people who live and work in them are in balance. Where forests are conserved and the rights of those living in them are recognized and respected. Where forests support people's livelihoods, offer opportunities to tackle climate change, provide good economic returns for responsible businesses without exacerbating forest degradation, and can raise revenue for both governments and forest dependent people.

Glimpses of this positive vision can already be seen. Some innovative and successful approaches to forest management have been pioneered by forest communities, businesses and national governments and are thriving today. We need now to build on this – finding new ways of working that enable different interests and constituencies to work together.

GFP - from the local to the global

In each of the GFP countries – Ghana, Guatemala, Liberia, Mozambique and Nepal – GFP helps forest stakeholders to connect, create a common vision, develop and implement joint activities.

In addition, GFP is creating a wider network of partners through the establishment of the ‘Three Rights Holders’ Group’ (G3) and through collaboration with ‘The Forests Dialogue’ (TFD).

All of these partnerships have the common objective of Investing in Locally Controlled Forestry.