'Alianza' calls for Guatemalan government to fulfil budget pledges to forestry programmes - 4 July 2011

On 4 July 2011 the National Alliance of Community Forestry Organizations (the 'Alianza') published a public statement in Prensa Libre - a national newspaper - calling on the Guatemalan authorities to honour their financial commitments to the National Institute of Forests (INAB) and two important forest financing mechanisms: PINFOR and PINPEP.

The Alianza is a platform for Guatemalan smallholders, Indigenous groups, and forest communities to speak out about antional and international forest policy. Its creation in 2009 was supported by Growing Forest Partnerships.

The Alianza played a key role in lobbying for the passing of the PINPEP law by Congress in November 2010. The PINPEP programme sets aside 0.05 to 1% of the national budget for forest management and reforestation incentives.

For more information on PINPEP - see the February 2011 GFP newsletter