Ban Chautari report from GFP Nepal: Forest enterprises

Ban Chautari discussion on Forest Enterprise, August 2011. Nepal. Photo: ASMITA Nepal

On 1 August 2011, Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP) in-country partners in Nepal organised another Ban Chautari round-table event in order to tackle the complex issue of forest enterprise in community forestry. This report summarizes the discussion and conclusions from the event.

The Ban Chautari meetings are multi-stakeholder dialogues on forest policy issues and are coordinated and supported by Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP).

There is a growing demand today for forest-based enterprise to bring community forestry into the income generation sector and thereby raise the living standards of the rural poor. But there is a debate over whether communities can run these enterprises when they face many hindering issues. Community forestry users groups have been involved in developing forest enterprise for a very long time by taking a small market as a hub for their products but if we look at the sustainability and profit mechanism there are quite clear factors that show this enterprise is failing day by day.

In this context, Ashmita Nepal in close collaboration with HIMAWANTI Nepal, organized a Ban Chautari program at SapFalcha, Kathmandu on 1 August 2011 with support from Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP) to understand the existing forest enterprise status in Nepal and reveal and reflect on its challenges and opportunities. The organizing partners Ashmita Nepal and HIMAWANTI Nepal share a strong agenda of empowering women in the sector of natural resources.

For the full report please download pdf below.