CFF workshop minutes Nov 2010

The Forestry Development Authority of Liberia (FDA) has entered on an Agreement with the
National Forest Programme Facility (Facility) with the overall objective to install effective
mechanisms and structures that will ensure a fully operational multi-stakeholder platform or
forum for regular and improved dialogues and consultations between all stakeholders in
connection with i) the sustainable management of Liberia’s forests, ii) equitable sharing of the
benefits and responsibilities from the forest; and iii) efficient conflict resolution during forest
management and utilisation. This Agreement was based on a Concept Note, submitted in late
2008, which explains the situation of the forestry sector in Liberia and provides for key actions to
be implemented with Facility support. The Facility Steering Committee, during its annual
meeting held on 5 and 6 February 2009, agreed that the Concept Note was an adequate basis
for the Partnership with the Facility. As a consequence, several activities could be undertaken
with Facility support for the implementation of the National Forest Program (nfp) within the
framework established in the concept note. The Managing Director of the FDA and the Facility
Manager signed the Agreement in March 2009.

Before initiating the activities, a launching meeting was held in September 2-3, 2009 where the
following objectives were prioritized by the National Multi Stakeholders Steering Committee
(NMSC): i) Forest sector consultation process enhanced through improved stakeholder
participation, ii) Effective land-use policy and planning processes are agreed upon and
established through stakeholder forum, iii) Livelihoods of communities have been enhanced
through effective production, processing and marketing of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP),
and iv) Stakeholder groups received appropriate shares of benefits from the management of
forests through effective benefit sharing mechanisms.

15 NGOs are working for the preparation and implementation of the County Forest Forums
(CFF), and its implementation is progressing well in all Counties. At this point it is important that
they share their experiences and have a common understanding about the role of the CFF and
define together the way forward.

Key challenges for the future are the sustainability of this participatory process beyond Facility
support (which might end in mid 2012) and the establishment of a National Forest Forum (NFF). 

Objectives and expected outputs:

• Common understanding of the role of the CFFs and NFF.
• Actions for the sustainability of the CFF, discussed and agreed.
• Define the next steps for the implementation of the NFF.