Core Documents

  • A avaliação final da Growing Forest Partnerships-GFP (Fomentação da Parceria Florestal) foi encomendada pelo Grupo Catalítico (CG), administrado pelo IIED, e efetuado durante o primeiro semestre de 2012 por Acacia Natural Resource Consultants Ltd.

  • The final evaluation of the Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP) was commissioned by the Catalytic Group (CG), administered by IIED and conducted during the first half of 2012 by Acacia Natural Resource Consultants Ltd.

  • This document encompasses the comments of the individuals representing the institutions of the Catalytic Group (CG) of the GFP initiative in response to the revised version of the final evaluation of GFP.

  • This document sets out the mission and focus of the proposed Forest & Farm Facility (FFF) which draws on the lessons learned from both the FAO's Nfp Facility and from Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP).

  • Proposal for a new phase of the National Forest Programme (NFP) Facility and the Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP) initiative - to be known as the 'Forest and Farm Facility' (2012-2017).

  • What is Growing Forest Partnerships? Who is involved? What does GFP do on the ground? What countries are involved? How does GFP work with The Forest Dialogue and the 'G3' Rightsholders Group?

    All these questions and more are answered in this short informative brochure!

  • This document provides the background and framework for the GFP initiative.

  • The Mid-Term Review was commissioned by the International Institute of Environment and Development in July 2010. This printed version contains only the ‘Executive Summary’ and the ‘Recommendations’. See full English version. Print version comes with CD-Rom enclosed

  • Mid-Term Review of the Growing Forest Partnerships Initiative.

    The GFP is an initiative that proposes to help create partnerships between and amongst different stakeholders and to strengthen ways of working together for the benefit of forests and the people that depend on them. The origins of the GFP initiative lie within the World Bank, as it tried some four years ago to define a future form of collaboration with a wide range of institutions in the delivery of its forest sector programmes. GFP has come into being at an extremely challenging time for the world’s forests and forest-dwellers: the global forestclimate dialogue holds promise for forests gaining great monetary value in future climate mitigation regimes, yet the ownership of these resources and the rights of those whose livelihoods depend on them, are broadly unresolved. It is in this domain that GFP aspires to catalyse a new global dynamic.

  • IIED just produced a film and video guide to provide a simple overview of film or video-making with some elementary guidance on both the technical and practical side of the process.