• Local reforestation groups in Guatemala develop business models in partnership | What Rio+20 meant for ILCF and the G3 Free, Prior and Informed Consent in REDD+: dealing with competing claims of representation in DRC | Sweden: investing in locally controlled forestry | GFP final review | Forest and Farm Facility update

  • Legal uncertainty over land tenure in Guatemala prevents community access to forestry projects | Customary land tenure and community forestry practices in Ghana | Ban Chautari: an essential forum for dialogue faces an uncertain future | Indonesia dialogue on investing in locally controlled forestry | The final evaluation of GFP has started | Forest and Farm Facility

  • Community forestry projects left unfinanced due to lack of state funds (Guatemala) | Investing in locally controlled forestry in Burkina Faso | New regulation aims to reform chain saw milling in Liberia | Impact of two decades of development assistance on Ghana’s forestry sector | GFP Nepal involves sidelined timber traders in discussions | Planning for the future with the G3 | Future of GFP: a work in progress

  • A special 'REDD' edition of the Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP) newsletter, covering REDD-related news and stories from GFP activities across the globe, was made available ahead of and during COP17 in Durban (28 November to 9 December 2011).

    The newsletter brings together stories and news of REDD-related activities from GFP's focus countries and international alliances, written by in-country teams and local GFP journalists.

    Inside this special 'REDD' edition you will find the following articles:

  • Nepal's timber on sale again, but at a higher price | Movement of young Indigenous people to promote reforestation in Central America | Tackling illegal practices in Ghana's forestry sector | Liberia traditional leader at international climate change talks | Taking stock of Liberia's untapped forest riches | GACF annual meeting 2011 | 'GFP Facility': a possible way forward post 2011 | The Forest Dialogue, Burkina Faso

  • GFP journalist programme | GFP continuation after 2011 | 'Investing in Locally Controlled Forestry' dialogue | Nepal-Laos country exchange | a forest financing workshop in Liberia

  • Linking forest communities through radio in Nepal  | Knowledge sharing: the country exchanges  | A GFP Guatemala success story  | GFP progress in Liberia  | Outcomes of the Mid-Term Review

  • Forest investment is going local  | Sharing GFP's progress and lessons  | GFP side events at 'CoFo'

    G3 moving ahead in Brazil meetings  | Supporting the implementation of the Guatemalan National Forest Finance Strategy

  • GFP partnerships at work: a story from Mozambique | Exchanging, sharing and learning: where next? | GFP Liberia moves on: summary of the GFP national workshop | Sharing lessons learned beyond the GFP network: a Peru-Guatemal exchange | GFP Ghana: Getting ready for investing in locally controlled forests.

  • Realising rights, inspiring investment: Dialogue and alliance-building for locally controlled forestry