Country Background Documents - Liberia

  • Forests are one of the most important natural resources in Liberia, yet have never been managed to deliver anywhere near their full potential to contribute to the long-term, sustainable economic growth of the nation, the livelihoods of local and rural communities, or the long-term conservation of the country's natural heritage.

  • An Assessment of Liberian Forest Area, Dynamics, FDA Concession Plans, and their Relevance to
    Revenue Projections. 

    A report commissioned by Green Advocates, Monrovia, Liberia  

  • An external assessment was completed in May 2008 by Nature Conservation Research Centre
    (NCRC) to measure the existing capacity of governmental and non-governmental stakeholder
    organizations working in the environmental sector in Liberia. Organizations active in the agriculture sector. natural resource management, sustainable economic development, microfinance, and agroprocessing are also relevant for future analysis and project implementation but were beyond the scope of this analysis.

  • This briefing note is the first in a series of communications that will be released during the course of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Liberian forest sector. The main purpose of the briefing notes will be to summarize the key points raised in the SEA and to provide stakeholders with updates as the project progresses.

  • Pitsawing activities offer socio-economic benefits to local people by providing cheap access to lumber and providing livelihood opportunities for many local people in areas where employment is scarce. It is assumed that benefits generated by chainsaw milling are distributed more widely within communities than those provided by the established and legal logging sector.

    However, the trading, financing, transportation and marketing processes in the chainsaw timber supply chain and from stump to market have very serious challenges which should tackled with care.