Country Project Documents - Liberia

  • This document articulates the main priorities for capacity building needs for the Forest sector Stakeholder for sustainable forest management and the strategies to be undertaken over the period 2011-2016. Much more pertinent to this strategic plan, is that the stakeholders consultation has prioritized capacity building both as one of the critical cross-cutting issues and as a stand-alone critical issue of forest sector in Liberia  

  • Promoting Chain sawing in alignment with sustainability and legality principles through a consolidated developed regulatory framework to support the GFP initiative.

  • In July 2010 Forest Resource and Environmental Management Consultant of Liberia (FREMCOL) was selected by the Growing Forest Partnership (GFP) Task Force to implement one of the three projects for which a call for proposal was made in the Liberian dailies. FREMCOL was selected for the “Development of a Capacity Building Strategic Plan for the Forestry Sector of Liberia and the Mobilization of resources for its implementation”.

  • The Forestry Development Authority of Liberia (FDA) has entered on an Agreement with the
    National Forest Programme Facility (Facility) with the overall objective to install effective
    mechanisms and structures that will ensure a fully operational multi-stakeholder platform or
    forum for regular and improved dialogues and consultations between all stakeholders in
    connection with i) the sustainable management of Liberia’s forests, ii) equitable sharing of the

  • Capacity building

    Non-Timber forest products

    Provide relevant information

    Chain sawing

    Multi-stake holder dialogue

  • Information to present proposals under the Growing Forest Partnerships Liberia
    The Compilation of a Regulatory Framework to Align Chain Sawing Activities with Existing Forest Policy.

  • Concept Note for the Implementation of Growing Forest Partnership (GFP) in Liberia.

  • Information to present proposals under the Growing Forest Partnerships Liberia

    Development of a Capacity Building Plan for the Forestry Sector of Liberia