Country Project Documents - Nepal

  • On 2 June members of the GFP consortium in Nepal met at the offices of the Nepal Foresters' Association in Kathmandu to plan the Van Chautari meetings for the coming year, to establish a steering committee, and to discuss GFP plans for 2011.

  • In August 2010 an internal agreement was signed between the IUCN ARO (ARO) and the IUCN Forest Conservation Programme (FCP). The purpose of the IA was to set out the  responsibilities of the ARO and FCP as part of the implementation of the above mentioned project funded by the World Bank.

  • Enhancing communications among GACF networks and federations have been a continuous and
    primary process which is challenging at the same time. Different approaches have been followed and piloted in order to bring the common voice to the global level and disseminate the global knowledge at the local level.

    Documentation through research and consolidation of forestry related materials have been fruitful and benefiting to all the stakeholders seeking information on the global forestry.

  • Nepal’s forest policy process, as the sub-set of the national political and policy process is undergoing a difficult transition phase. It is moving through a tension between conventional top-down and narrowly conceived policy making on one hand and genuinely participatory and inclusive process on the other.

  • ForestAction has been actively engaged in national policy processes in forestry sector. The mode
    of engagement is diverse invluding active participation in policy forums writing and publishing
    reflection notes, lobbying with CSO members and developing civic positions, review of policy
    doucemnts writing comemnts/reflections and so on. the followings are the comments and
    reflections by FA researchers on ongoing policy processes and documents.