Final Evaluation of Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP)

The final evaluation of the Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP) was commissioned by the Catalytic Group (CG), administered by IIED and conducted during the first half of 2012 by Acacia Natural Resource Consultants Ltd.

It covered the four-year period of GFP preparation and implementation from 2008 to 2012. The evaluation sought to:

  • assess the partnership results created or fostered by the GFP
  • assess the partnership processes through which these results were delivered
  • distil lessons from the partnerships for the proposed Forest Partnership Facility (FPF)
  • make recommendations on opportunities, constraints and recommendations for the FPF.

The evaluation was based on literature review, consultations with implementing agencies and partner organisations, and visits to three GFP operating countries (Ghana, Guatemala and Liberia).

The executive summary of the evaluation is also available in Spanish and in Portuguese .

A management response from the GFP Catalytic Group to the final evaluation has also been published.


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