GACF Interim report Sept. 2010

Enhancing communications among GACF networks and federations have been a continuous and
primary process which is challenging at the same time. Different approaches have been followed and piloted in order to bring the common voice to the global level and disseminate the global knowledge at the local level.

Documentation through research and consolidation of forestry related materials have been fruitful and benefiting to all the stakeholders seeking information on the global forestry.

Participation in international conferences has provided space for GACF members to express local
views and perceptions at the global level.

Dissemination at local level through electronic media as 8
well as radio has been thought as a very effective means of bringing the global voice to the local

The implementation of communications project has had multiple effects on the functioning of GACF
including, but not limited to, enhancement of its capacity to organize various workshops and events
internationally as well as regionally and exchange of information on global forestry through people