GFP Mozambique workplan 2011

The 2011 Mozambique in-country work plan for Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP) is now available.

The in-country plan of activities for 2011 aims to consolidate actions initiated by the Mecuburi and Moribane pilot projects through the local NGOs Terra Forum and Micaia Foundation, respectively. With this plan, the intention is to guarantee minimizing degradation of forest resources and the integration of issues related to climate change and emission reduction through deforestation, forest degradation and enhancement of carbon stocks (REDD+). This will also improve living conditions of the involved communities. Identifying alternative initiatives for use of land and forest products and establishing partnerships between communities and the private sector for conservation and sustainable use of forest resources will be priorities in this plan.

The plan is divided into the following four activities:

  • Study about alternative solutions for the use of land and forest products with low emissions, in the REDD framework
  • Creating a base for the effective participation of community institutions in the conservation and sustainable development in the district of Sussundenga
  • Together Conserving our Forest - Mecuburi
  • Facilitating GFP/CPF