GFP Nepal program-project completion report

Nepal’s forest policy process, as the sub-set of the national political and policy process is undergoing a difficult transition phase. It is moving through a tension between conventional top-down and narrowly conceived policy making on one hand and genuinely participatory and inclusive process on the other.

There are ample opportunities to transform the forest policy process towards a truly participatory,
inclusive and deliberative one. With an optimistic understanding of the current transition, a civil society consortium comprising of ForestAction, NFA, FECOFUN and Asmita has initiated a catalytic multistakeholder forest policy dialogue partnering with Growing Forest Partnership (GFP). the key objective of this initiative is to bring forest sector stakeholders in a common table, identify the key issues on policy process and agree on some acceptable framework for negotiating policy decisions towards productive, equitable an sustainable forest management.

This report outlines the summary of progress of activities planned in under GFP Nepal project (July-December 2010). The synthesis of the different level of dialogues papers based on diagnostic analysis are developed into separate documents which will be shared with concerned stakeholders and uploaded in ForestAction website (