Growing Forest Partnerships Mozambique - initial briefing 2008

Preliminary meetings to share information about the new GFP initiative in Mozambique show that there is broad interest, and some plausible options to build on existing partnerships. The government, through the Direção Nacional de Terras e Florestas (DNTF), headed by Raimundo Cossa, have indicated their interest in participating in a process facilitated by IIED with support from the IUCN and FAO. There is every indication that IUCN and FAO officers within Mozambique are also fully supportive. Various leading NGOs have also signalled their support. There seems to be particular interest in strong provincial level dialogues that seek to find ways forward for the various community based natural resource management programmes that have stalled in recent years. There is also broad support for greater local level monitoring of timber extraction and
greater engagement with the private sector in search of incentives that help to shape a more sustainable future. It is proposed that Isilda Nhantumbo could act as a national facilitator for such an initiative, with broad support from government and NGO actors.