Impact of protected areas on Indigenous communities in Thailand and the Philippines

Report on impact of protected area management on Indigenous communities in the Philippines. Kadioan, 2011

Growing Forest Partnerships has supported two studies aimed at analysing the impacts of protected areas on two indigenous communities in Thailand and the Philippines. These studies have shown how the creation of protected areas has eroded the communities’ control over their natural resources and how the displacements have created a socio-cultural vacuum.

These studies were coordinated by KADIOAN Inc. a Philippines-based NGO and member of the G3 (Three Rightsholders' Group).

The authors conducted field visits, consultations and interviews with the various members of the communities. The initial findings are now being used for advocacy and educational work; to inform discussions and negotiations with the local protected area management boards and with the national management board.

If you would like more information on the work of KADIOAN Inc. you can also view two films produced by KADIOAN Inc., also supported by Growing Forest Partnerships, documenting the Pokot peoples' sustainable uses of their forest resources in Kenya and Uganda and on the 'pinugo' or 'muyung' - an indigenous system of forest management unique to the people of Ifugao, one of the seven major ethno-linguistic groups inhabiting the Philippine Cordillera.