In-country updates

Forestry tour and trade fair in Las Verapaces, Guatemala. Photo: Programa Forestal Nacional (Pfn) Guatemala, 2011 Trade fair promotes business and sustainable forestry in Las Verapaces

The central Guatemalan region Las Verapaces holds trade fair which seeks to create business opportunities among members of the forestry sector and promote investments for the export of forest goods, as well as to promote a wider appreciation of forestry culture among Guatemalan society.

13 January 2012
Chicle gum ready for exportation © ACOFOP, Guatemala. Economic potential of Guatemala’s non-timber forest products

Seeds from the breadnut fruit, leaves from the xate ornamental palm and chicle (a natural gum) are just some of the products harvested by members of Guatemala’s National Alliance of Community Forest Organizations (the ‘Alianza’) as an economic forest management alternative to the timber trade.

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22 December 2011
Newly elected members of the PINPEP Directive Council with forestry community representatives, July 2011. Photo © Antonio Ordoñez PINPEP law offers incentives to smallholders for sustainable forestry

Following lobbying by community forestry groups, the Guatemalan Congress passed a much-needed law in November 2010, which formalised the Forest Smallholders Incentives Program. This programme offers smallholders the opportunity to exploit their land in a sustainable way, even if they do not have legal registration of ownership.

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30 September 2011
Julio Asig y Ana Rivera representantes comunitarios ante el Comité Directivo del PINPEP, julio 2011. Photo © Antonio Ordoñez Representantes de organizaciones forestales comunitarias logran ser miembros del Comité Directivo del PINPEP

En cumplimiento del decreto 51-2010 aprobado por el Congreso el año pasado, las Organizaciones Forestales Comunitarias y representantes comunitarios de los 22 departamentos de Guatemala eligieron a sus representantes ante el Comité Directivo (CODI) del Programa de Incentivos para Pequeños Poseedores de Tierras de Vocación Forestal o Agroforestal (PINPEP).

30 August 2011
VII Congreso Forestal Centroamericano Forestaría comunitaria es un tema clave del VII Congreso Forestal Centroamericano

El sector forestal guatemalteco participó con varias ponencias en el VII Congreso Forestal Centroamericano que se llevó a cabo del 29 de junio al 1 de julio en la ciudad de Managua, Nicaragua. Guatemala fue el segundo país con mayor participación ya que asistieron 69 representantes del sector forestal entre empresarios, líderes comunitarios y autoridades de gobierno.

01 August 2011
Lachuá Lagoon, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala Community-led efforts to protect Lachuá lagoon reap socio-economic benefits

The communities living near Lachuá Lagoon — near Cobán in Guatemala’s Alta Verapaz department — were drowning in poverty until the people decided to go on with their lives, after more than three decades of civil war. “Friendly countries like the Netherlands and organisations like IUCN came to us in the early 90s to promote sustainable methods to produce beans and corn” says Erick Aj, an agronomist who was born in one of the 53 communities that make up Fundación Laguna Lachuá (the Lachuá Lagoon Foundation; Fundalachuá).

20 July 2011