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Timber piled up in Sundari Community Forest of Amarapuri Village Development Committee of Nawalparasi. © ForestAction Nepal Locally controlled forestry in Nepal – needed now more than ever

This edition of Forest Voices takes a look back over the history of community forestry in Nepal throughout the recent turbulent decades and draws conclusions which could help to influence the future of the country's forestry sector.

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17 February 2012
COP17: Nepali participants meeting at ICC, Forest users group boycotted the meeting after raising their voice on denial. Photo: Ramesh Prasad Bhushal No place at the climate table, Nepali communities say

GFP Nepal journalist - Ramesh Prasad Bhushal reports from COP17 which he is attending as a Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP) fellow, with the support of Growing Forest Partnerships.

09 December 2011
Shanta Chaudhary at inauguration of information center in Nepal's Rasuwa district where the Langtang National park lies. Photo: Ramesh Prasad Bhushal, 2010. From semi-slavery to parliament — one woman’s fight for both forests and landless communities

Until 2006, Shanta Chaudhary was a bonded labourer who had never attended school. But today this accidental politician chairs Nepal’s parliamentary committee on Natural Resources and Means and is responsible for government policy on land, water, forests and the environment.

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30 November 2011
Apsara Chapagain (FECOFUN) speaking on Ban Chautari panel, 7 July 2011 Poverty reduction through forestry: Exploring strategies to realise economic benefits of timber management in Nepal

GFP Nepal held another successful 'Ban Chautari' roundtable discussion on 7 July on the subject of 'Poverty reduction through forestry: Exploring strategies to realise economic benefits of timber management in Nepal'. The Ban Chautari meetings are multi-stakeholder dialogues on forest policy issues and are coordinated and supported by the Growing Forest Partnerships initaitive.

13 September 2011
Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP) in Nepal forms steering committee to plan 2011 events

The Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP) consortium in Nepal has formed an eight-member steering committee to implement the project's second phase. The steering committee decided that between June and August 2011 four major dialogues (Ban Chautari) would be conducted in Kathmandu on contemporary forest issues. The steering committee also endorsed a three-month work plan for the project, prepared by the GFP consortium members.

01 August 2011
Gaurishankar conservation area announced at cabinet meeting on Mount Everest in 2009. © Ramesh Prasad Bhushal Controversy continues over Gaurishankar conservation area

Two years ago, while the world was busy preparing for the Copenhagen climate change summit (COP15), the government of Nepal held a cabinet meeting 5,400 metres above sea level at Kalapatthar — the base camp of Mount Everest. Two years on, the cabinet meeting is only a distant memory for many, but one of the decisions announced at the top is now the cause of much controversy in the country.

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26 July 2011
Chair of Nepal's Federation of Community Forests Users Groups in protest against forest amendment act, 2011. First woman to chair Nepal forestry federation leads struggle for community rights

Apsara Chapagain is the first woman chairperson of the Federation of Community Forestry Users (FECOFUN) — the first community federation registered in Nepal. She has been struggling to establish the rights of communities over forest resources, as well as ensuring equal representation of women at each level of the Federation—central, district and village — not only in numbers but also in responsibility.

20 July 2011