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Mrs. Sieh Thomas, charcoal seller in Monrovia. © Yurfee Shaikalee Charcoal shortage hits Monrovia

This year there has been a dramatic increase the price of charcoal in Liberia linked to the increase in the use of charcoal and the deforestation resulting from the clearing of the last remaining secondary forest and lowland areas close to Monrovia city. Liberia’s main energy source is charcoal and fire wood for use in cooking, heating homes, heating water and lighting for some forest-dependent residents.

30 September 2011


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Growing Forest Partnerships was officially launched in Liberia in February 2010. Its identified vision is "participatory sustainable forest management that improves the livelihoods of rural people". Liberian forest sector stakeholders have identified four priority areas for action in 2011, including to:

i) support Community Forest Development Committees (CDFCs), and support the convening of a national meeting of CFDCs;

ii) move towards a realistic and enforceable legal framework based on the participatory development of a chainsaw logging strategy;

iii) improve the skills and experience of forest sector actors by developing a national capacity strengthening strategy for the forest sector; and

iv) explore new livelihood options with local communities by inventorying and sustainable use of non timber forest products.


A key outcome already achieved has been that a National Union was formed during the national meeting of CFDCs. The Union has been working since its creation on identifying the key training and support needs of the CFDCs. 

The consultations and studies on chainsaw regulations and the capacity building needs assessment – see respectively priorities ii) and iii) – have been completed and are to be found below.


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