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Livelihoods in Mozambique are highly dependent on forest resources. 85 per cent of rural energy is derived from fuelwood and charcoal. There is high population pressure and demand for agricultural land. Biofuel initiatives are resulting in agricultural encroachment and forest conversion. There are significant forest investment opportunities with the value of forest products trade reaching US$29 million.


Led by facilitating partner Centro Terra Viva (CTV), discussions with stakeholders in Mozambique have identified five key challenges that new partnerships might address: land and timber rights; conservation, and making it work for forests and people; enterprise, in the form of community based natural resource management and other community forest initiatives; food security and biofuels; and climate change and the emergence of REDD.

GFP is providing support to bring stakeholders together to find new partnerships to address some of the challenges and develop some new investment and potential for more locally controlled forestry. As REDD processes have begin to move forward in Mozambique with a National REDD Strategy under development, GFP Mozambique, facilitated by CTV, will work to ensure that broad consultation with civil society, NGOs and international agencies maintains a position of priority as the process continues.

In-Country GFP Coordinator and Partner:

Alda Salamao, Centro Terra Viva

T: (258) 823051660