Mozambique synthesis report on support to ProAgri

A number of partner organisations recently undertook a two year process of forest policy support to Proagri in Mozambique (including Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, UICN-Mocambique, CTA, the
International Institute for Environment and Development and Indufor Oy). The two year time frame was never going to allow for wholesale reform to the forest sector in Mozambique. What it did do, however, was to provide support for a number of promising policy processes – initiated primarily by DNFFB. From these processes, a great deal has been learned about how to improve forest governance and how to manage the balance of power between the various interest groups with a stake in forest governance. This report outlines a little of what was gleaned about good forest governance from the tactics which attempted to make forest policy work in Mozambique. We highlight some important issues that needed to be addressed, what worked in the tactics adopted by DNFFB together with the policy support team, what did not work and what could be done to improve the situation