National Policy and Legislation: NTFP Regulation 111-08

Forestry Development Authority Regulation No. 111-08. Regulation on the Commercial and Sustainable Extraction of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs).

WHEREAS, the National Forestry Reform Law of 2006 establishes a transparent framework, for the use, management and protection of forest resources that balances the commercial, community, and conservation priorities of the Republic; and

WHEREAS, the past forestry practices, the lack of appreciation for the economic potential, ignorance of the importance of NTFPs to rural societies and general lack of knowledge on NTFPs hindered the provision of sufficient and adequate policy direction to develop proactive management programs for NTFPs in Liberia; and

WHEREAS, there is a gradual recognition of the role NTFPs in sustainable forest management, provision of income and livelihood opportunities for the forestfringe communities as well as improving the economy of the country; and 

WHEREAS, the basis for formulation of any organized research and development for NTFPs will only be achieved through comprehensive inventory of the production, economic value as well as development of systematic, logical and broad-based classification scheme, and

WHEREAS, the National Forestry Reform Law of 2006 authorizes the Forestry Development Authority to issue regulations and other rules necessary to implement the law (Section 19.1 (a)); including regulations that address the parameters towards achieving the Objectives of Forest Management (Section 3.1(a)); and to establish procedure for the collection of forestry fees (Section 14.2 (b) and the export permits to export forest products (Section 13.8 (a, b and c)).

NOW, THEREFORE, The Forestry Development Authority does hereby rule and
regulate as follows