Sustainable Use of Forest Resources - A Case of the Pokot People


The Pokot people live in the West Pokot and Baringo Districts of Kenya and in eastern Karamoja in Uganda. About one quarter of Pokot peoples are cultivators ("corn people"), while the remaining are pastoralists ("cow people"). Among both groups, however, wealth is measured by the number of cows one owns.

This video shows the Pokot peoples sustainable uses of their forest resources as well as means in which the Knowledge associated with the use of the resources is transferred to the younger generations through story telling and voicing of their concerns. Both old women and men hold key traditional knowledge and conduct practices to manage their natural resources in a balanced way that ensures ecosystem conservation, cultural identity and food security as well as efficient transmission of related knowledge. The video features some members of the community in West Pokot demonstrating the different uses of the forest resources and why it is sustainable and ways in which they transfer knowledge.

This video has been produced by Kadioan Inc. with the support of Growing Forest Partnerships, IIED.