Peru - Guatemala country exchange (GFP)

Peru-Guatemala exchange - Growing Forest Partnerships, 2010

For Peru, a country with over half its territory covered by forests, 2010 saw important changes in the way national forests are managed. These changes required greater participation in decision-making from forest-dependent people.

In Guatemala, GFP supported the creation and consolidation of the Alianza Nacional de Organizaciones Forestales Comunitarias de Guatemala, which brings together the country’s experience in
community forest management and gives a voice to community forestry organisations in policymaking and decision-making processes.

From 2-6 November 2010, forestry stakeholders from both these countries — most of them indigenous people or from forest-related communities — had an opportunity to exchange their experiences of forest management during a GFP-funded visit of a group of Peruvians to Petén, Guatemala. This report [in Spanish] examines the issues that were covered during the exchange.