South South REDD Progress Report 2

During 2010, the project has

(i) adjusted its timeline and contractual ToRs in six institutions to
accommodate Ministerial desires to have a draft National REDD Strategy by the end of June 2010

(ii) prepared and present two background papers, the first on baselines and monitoring reporting and verification (MRV) and the second on possible options for the scale and scope of REDD within Mozambique;

(iii) organised a series of meetings of the National REDD Working Group from November onwards to discuss findings and design an agreed framework for chapters of a draft National REDD Strategy

(iv) organised two national meetings, the first with a delegation of Ministers from Norway on 1 March 2010 and the second to discuss the scale and scope of the National REDD Strategy, the Institutional and legal framework in which it might be developed (including its articulation with the R-PP process), reference levels and the options for public consultation;

(v) undertaken consultations in five provinces together with MINAG / MICOA staff to explore national perceptions of the underlying causes of deforestation and appropriate responses, while also consolidating awareness and helping to build capacity in key agencies;

(vi) analysed findings from the consultations and begun to draft the National REDD Strategy;

(vii) developed links with other Mozambican programmes of work such as the NFP within
DNTF; the Growing Forest Partnerships programme (to include GFP field sites as possible pilot projects for REDD); the WWF protected areas fund proposal and project; the World Bank and IFC mission on FCPF REDD Readiness and plans for investments in plantations. With continuing proactive technical and financial support from the Norwegian Embassy, the initiative is gradually helping to develop a framework for REDD that is nationally owned.